Meet Our Therapists

Mackenzie Behling

I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist who strives to offer quality therapeutic massage to all of my clients. I can assist in creating the optimal internal environment with the human body for tissue recovery and can help minimize the symptoms of chronic disease. I excel at giving explanations of techniques used, so that the client also gains knowledge of that muscle with how it reacts and recovers. I provide my clients “at home self-care” tips they can add to their daily routine to optimize their well-being. I offer relaxation, deep tissue, hot bamboo, migraine and facial toning massage. With deep tissue massage, from time to time I will supplement hands on massage with synergy heated stones or a massage gun to help achieve more movement for the more difficult tissues. I encourage my clients to communicate with me so I can tailor the massage to their needs. Book your appointment with me today to experience a professional massage.

Amanda Mattson

I graduated from Serenity Now Massage School in 2017. I enjoy helping people manage their pain or help them just plain relax.  I love being a massage therapist.  I am trained in Swedish, Hot Stone, as well as Pregnancy and AromaTouch. I am constantly seeking more knowledge.

Barbara Pfluger

I am an experienced Massage Therapist, focused on the individual and their specific needs especially pain that can not be explained or ignored by doctors.  I am experienced in many modalities and use them all to meet the needs in any session.  Medical Massage, oncology massage, lymphatic drainage,  trigger point, deep tissue, myofascial release, reflexology, reiki, chakra balancing are my specialties.  I like to use a couple of modalities in every massage with focus on one.  My client’s body is the guide, I just follow it.
My passion is to work with people in pain.  Pain is not only physical pain, but emotional and spiritual as well. BODY, MIND, SPIRIT.  Can not be separated .  Let’s work on all three to feel relief. 
Of course I love giving that great all time favorite…. The fantastic relaxation massage to take all your cares away.

• Massage Associate Degree – Globe University
• Certified in Lymphatic Drainage – Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy
• Certification Oncology Massage – Beaumont Cancer Hospital
• Reiki Master

David Thompson

Hi, My name is Dave. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) I graduated from Broadview University in march of 2017 with my degree in Massage Therapy. Every client I see gets 100% of my focus and attention. I am trained to provide Sports, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Chair, and Post-Oncology massage. I look forward to working with you and treating your individual needs through massage & therapy.