Welcome to Solstice Spa!

Solstice Spa, located in Weston, Wisconsin, seeks the massage experience that is devoted just to you! Who doesn’t want to relax once in a while? And why not, YOU deserve it! Healing hands, soothing sounds, and rejuvenation are waiting for you.

Solstice Spa believes the Spa experience is as unique as you are and we tailor our massages to meet each individual’s needs. If you’re looking for a Spa in the Wausau and Weston areas, we have you covered with Spa and Massage Services.

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Had a great experience at Solstice! Comfortable rooms. My fiancé said best massage he has ever got felt 10 years younger!

Chelsea F.

The staff here is amazing and accommodating. They not only got stuck battling their system, but my emotional state, and were nothing but kind and patient. I came in not knowing what to expect with a lot of anxiety and they talked me through the entire process.

Overall the staff and the massage therapist took an ‘anything that can will go wrong’ sort of day and completely turned it around for me.

I left feeling relaxed, refreshed, and like Solstice went out of their way to turn my experience in to a true spa day.

Jessica P.